Mar 11
Preach Woman Preach Bootcamp 2014

My observation and humble evaluation of our current state of affairs as preachers is this: By and large, we have left our first love (if we ever had it) of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the saving of souls; and have embraced the art and science of preaching for the mastery of it; the marketing of it, and even the monument of it.

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Nov 26

If understood a rightly, the thought of such a High and Lofty vocation should bring upon us a Holy Hush, and a Trembling Heart! No illusions of grandeur, or expectation of fortune and fame should invade our minds as we consider the Weight of Glory that accompanies, and the awesome, but awful Sacrifice which affords us this Precious Privilege! (Philippians 3:10)

Instead, the brutal and bloody Cross of our Savior should signal to us our Shared Plight in this hostile and yet fertile field of our Lord’s Harvest!! (Luke 10:2)

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