Become A Partner!


Partnership, to me, is more than financial support.  It is walking in agreement; sharing a vision; building together; working and waiting for the manifestation of a dream!  

Partnership, to me, is having someone who believes in you, join you in your 'ship' and help you row in the direction of your vision; even if it is only for a season!

Partnership, to me, is mutually beneficial.  All parties walk away blessed in some way, by the success of the undertaking!

I am praying for God-given partners, and His blessings upon us as we labor together with Him for His Glory; while He manifests His purpose; fulfills our dreams and exceeds our expectations of Him!

Therefore, I hope that you will pray concerning 'being' a partner.  If you have already decided to become one, The Lord Bless you, and I thank you!

Yours in His Service,
Dr. Rita L. Twiggs
Servant of our Lord!